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Our Warranty Statement

Trust in Cytion to provide materials that support your groundbreaking research with assurance and reliability.

At Cytion, we stand behind the quality and viability of our products. We guarantee that our cells will be viable at the start of culture for 60 days after they are shipped from our facilities. We assure that all materials will conform to the specifications described in the Certificate of Analysis and/or Product Sheet.

This warranty is valid provided that:

  • The materials are handled and stored according to our specified guidelines.
  • Any defects are reported within the 60-day period following shipment.

In the event of a defect:

  • We replace the material.
  • Alternatively, we refund the amount paid for the material.

While we strive to cover shipping and handling costs for refunds, we cannot guarantee this for all cases and will evaluate each situation individually.

Reach out to learn more about our comprehensive warranty coverage.

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