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Assay-Ready Cells, Cell Culture Scale-Up, and Genetic Analysis

Streamline Your Lab with Cytion: Our suite of biotech services, including efficient Assay-Ready Cell Service, Cell Culture Scale-Up, and comprehensive Genetic Testing, is designed for peak laboratory productivity. We provide everything from mycoplasma testing and STR analysis to bulk cell pellet manufacturing and DNA/RNA extraction, empowering your research with speed and accuracy for more impactful scientific achievements.

Assay-Ready Cell

We offer robust assay-ready cell manufacturing services using your cell lines or those from our cell bank. Delivering large batches, our service covers adherent and suspension cultures, providing optimal research tools.

Cell Culture Scale-Up and Extraction

Our services encompass cell culture scale-up and the extraction of pellets, lysates, or DNA from your cell lines. Seamlessly integrating these services, we efficiently scale your cultures and produce the required materials for your research.

STR Analysis and Mycoplasma Testing

Combining STR analysis and mycoplasma testing, we ensure the authenticity and purity of your cell lines. This streamlined approach confirms identity and safeguards against mycoplasma contamination in one efficient package.

We do cell culture, so you can focus on what matters.

We offer a versatile service for manufacturing assay-ready cells, catering to both customers who provide their own cell lines and those who choose from our extensive cell bank. Whether you require large batches of adherent or suspension cultures, we can deliver hundreds of vials of these ready-to-use cells to meet your specific research needs.

As your research projects evolve and demand larger quantities of cell lines, our cell culture scale-up services are here to support you. We employ state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to facilitate the seamless expansion of your cell cultures, all while maintaining the integrity and quality of your cell lines throughout the process.

For large-scale research requirements, our expertise extends to the bulk production of cell pellets. We have the capacity and capability to meet your volume needs while maintaining the same high standards of quality and purity that you expect from our products and services.

Genetic and molecular research often relies on high-quality DNA and RNA samples. Our reliable DNA and RNA extraction services are designed to provide you with pure, intact genetic material, ensuring that your experiments yield meaningful and reproducible results. Trust us to support your research needs with precision and efficiency.

Ensuring the health and purity of cell cultures is paramount in scientific research. That's why we offer comprehensive mycoplasma testing services*. Our rigorous testing protocols detect and eliminate any mycoplasma contamination, safeguarding the integrity of your experiments and data.

*For EU-customers only.

Authenticity is key when it comes to cell lines. Our species-specific Short Tandem Repeat* (STR) analysis is a reliable tool for verifying the identity of your cell lines, confirming that they are indeed what they are supposed to be. This critical step in quality control provides you with confidence in the accuracy of your research.

*For EU-customers only.

Explore Our Service Offerings

Cell Banking Service
Our custom cell banking service provides scalable solutions for your research needs. We offer rapid production of billions of adherent and suspension cells, specializing in primary human, mammalian, insect, and tumor cultures to support your scientific endeavors.

Cell Culture Expansion Service
Our custom cell expansion service offers scalable solutions for your research needs. We rapidly produce billions of adherent and suspension cells, with capabilities in primary human, mammalian, insect, and tumor cultures.

Assay-Ready Cell Service
Our assay-ready cell service offers customizable solutions with vial sizes from 250 µl to 5 ml and cell counts from 0.1 million to 50 million cells per milliliter. We perform contamination checks, verify the cell identity and perform functional tests for experimental reliability.

Mycoplasma testing
Mycoplasmas are small prokaryotic organisms which are too small to be visible in microscopy and cannot be eliminated by common antibiotic reagents. Mycoplasma may affect cellular growth, proliferation and morphology of cell lines which may lead to unreliable experimental results. approximately 15 to 35% of laboratory cell cultures are contaminated with mycoplasma. Therefore, a frequent control is recommended to guarantee a mycoplasma-free environment.
Analysis method
CLS offers both short-term and long-term testing for mycoplasma detection. In the former, the samples are tested immediately after arrival whereas in the latter cell culture is initiated and the cells are tested after 14 days of antibiotic-free cultivation. Mycoplasma testing is performed using a two-point detection system with both the PlasmoTest™
- Mycoplasma Detection Kit (Invivogen) and the Certus QC – mycoADVANCED detection kit (Certus).

For the rapid test, please provide a minimum of 50 µl cell suspension containing 50.000 cells. The cell suspension can be shipped at ambient temperature.
For the premium test, please provide a minimum of 1 million cells in a suitable freeze medium to ensure a robust and healthy culture for the cultivation and subsequent testing of the cells. Please ship the samples on dry ice. 

Colorimetric Reporter Assay
This test is a cell based colorimetric assay. In the presence of mycoplasma, a reporter cell line induces a signaling cascade triggering a change of color in the medium from red to blue. The assay is performed in 96-well multiwell plates. Signals are detected in a microplate spectrophotometer at 620-655 nm. All mycoplasma and acholeplasma species, but also other contaminants in cell culture such as bacteria, are detected.
Isothermal amplification
Isothermal amplification is a fast and reliable test based on isothermal amplification of mycoplasma specific DNA combined with real-time detection using a DNA-intercalating dye. The assay is capable of detecting six of the most common species that account for >95% of contaminations: M.orale, M.hyorhinis, M.arginini, M.fermentans, M.hominis and A.laidlawii. Due to sequence homology other mycoplasma species will be detected as well (M.pneumoniae, M.gallisepticum and M.synoviae). To identify whether the sample is mycoplasma positive or negative, the melting temperature (Tm) is studied.

Cell line authentication
Given the prevalence of cross-contamination and misidentification, the authenticity of cells employed in scientific research projects is a major concern. It is estimated that about 15-20% of all cell line-based research is working with misidentified cell lines. Therefore, determining a cell line's profile using STR analysis is crucial for carrying out reliable and repeatable research. Additionally, a growing number of journals demand cell line verification before accepting an article.
Our service includes

Cell line authentication
Comparison with online databases
Publication-ready analysis report


Please download the Cell Line Authentication Order Form and add the filled out and printed sheet to your sample shipment.
Please send us the samples in a padded envelope at room temperature.
For gDNA please provide us with ≥ 50 μl of 50ng/μl gDNA in Tris or EDTA (10 mM Tris, 0.1 mM EDTA).
For Cell Pellets, please provide us with 1.0-5.0 million cells as a cell pellet. Please wash twice with PBS and resuspend in 0.5 ml of 70-90% ethanol.


Human cells are typed with the PowerPlex System from Promega using 16 STR markers.
Mouse cells are typed with 18 STR markers.
Rat cells are typed with 14 STR markers and one sex-specific marker.
Dog cells are typed with 11 STR markers.
Hamster cells are typed with 10 STR markers.

You will get the results within 2 weeks per email. The results include the comparison of the data with the Cellosaurus database. The cell line will be classified as authenticated or misidentified.
Short Tandem Repeats (STRs)
A DNA motif of 2-13 bases that is repeated up to several hundred times makes up a short tandem repeat (STR). Individual variability in the number of repetitions in an STR leads to variations in the length of the produced fragments when employing PCR. The cell lines are profiled using these variations in fragment lengths at several loci.
Detection of Cell Line Mixtures
It is possible to identify contamination of one cell line by one or more additional cell lines down to a 10% frequency of the contaminating cell line. Cell line combinations typically provide STR profiles with three or more peaks for a single or several loci.

Sample Storage Service
Cytion offers premier storage services for laboratory samples, ensuring meticulous preservation at ultra-low temperatures in liquid nitrogen (-190°C) to guarantee long-term viability. Ideal for samples from patient tissues, healthy individuals, or established collections.


Custom Services

For custom services, kindly get in touch with us to discuss your project requirements.

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