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Introducing the Cytion brand

Cytion Transition

Starting November 23, 2023, CLS Cell Lines Service GmbH will operate under the brand name Cytion.

Our company name stays the same. Cytion is a registered brand of CLS Cell Lines Service GmbH.

CLS Cell Lines Service GmbH has established a US subsidiary, Cell Lines Service LLC, also known as Cytion (DBA), to enhance our service to the US market, commencing operations on 01.01.2024.

CLS fuels scientific discovery and commercial innovation with premium cell lines and primary cells, Advancing Research – Cell by Cell. As a dedicated partner, Cytion will continue offering technologies and services globally that support biotechnology, life sciences and all related industries.

We are committed to transparently communicating changes and will keep this page updated with the latest developments. Our communication efforts are extended through all relevant channels to ensure you are informed about these new changes.

Summary of the changes

Domain: CLS Cell Lines Service GmbH has updated its web address to align with the Cytion brand. The new website is

Email Communication: CLS Cell Lines Service GmbH will, or has, updated its email addresses to align with the Cytion brand. The employee email format is for our European branch and for our US branch.

For John Smith, the email examples would be:


Email Format




Please ensure the domain is not blocked by your system filters. Emails sent to the old addresses will be redirected to the new ones as long as possible; however, please update your contacts to ensure we receive all communication.

Brand and Documentation: All relevant documents for products and services, like safety data sheets and certificates, will be updated to reflect the new branding. There will be a transition period where you may not see the new brand name until we have updated all the relevant documents.

Citations: In an academic context, you can reference CLS or Cytion catalogue number; both works. For HEK293, the example references would be:

  • HEK293 (Cytion catalog number 300192)
  • HEK293 (CLS catalog number 300192)

What stays the same?

Legal Entity: The company's legal entity stays the same. Cytion is a registered brand of CLS Cell Lines Service GmbH.

Ordering and Invoicing: To ensure accurate procurement processes, please include the appropriate legal entity name based on your location. In the EU, use "CLS Cell Lines Service GmbH," while in the US, you may use the company name "Cell Lines Service LLC" or the trademark "Cytion."

Continued Commitment to Excellence: Here are the key aspects that will remain unchanged during the current restructuring:

  • Quality Management & Manufacturing Procedures
  • Manufacturing Locations
  • Products, Specifications, and Designs will remain the same despite brand name and logo updates.
  • Product Names
  • Product Item/Code Numbers
  • Lot Numbering System
  • Contractual Terms
  • Your Account Teams and Contacts

We are happy to assist you further – please contact us.

We appreciate your continued trust and thank you for your support during our transition to Cytion. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact us through the contact sheet, email or telephone.

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