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Ham's F12 Medium, w: 1.0 mM stable Glutamine, w: 1.0 mM Sodium pyruvate, w: 1.176 g/L NaHCO3


Content: 500 milliliter
Product number: 820600a
Product information "Ham's F12 Medium, w: 1.0 mM stable Glutamine, w: 1.0 mM Sodium pyruvate, w: 1.176 g/L NaHCO3"

Ham's F-12 Medium, also known as Ham's F-12 Nutrient Mix, is a widely used basal medium designed specifically for cell culture. It has been extensively employed for serum-free, single-cell plating of Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells, lung cells, and mouse L cells. Additionally, Ham’s F-12 is the medium of choice for a Clonal Toxicity Assay (CTA).

One of its notable advantages is the ability to support cell growth without the need for serum supplementation. This eliminates potential interference caused by serum components, ensuring consistent and reliable experimental results. By providing a serum-free culture environment, Ham's F-12 Medium offers researchers greater control over their investigations.

Another key feature of Ham's F-12 Medium is its suitability for single-cell plating. This makes it an excellent choice for a variety of cell lines, including CHO cells, lung cells, and mouse L cells. The medium's optimized nutrient composition facilitates efficient attachment and growth of individual cells, enabling the establishment of homogeneous cell cultures with improved reproducibility.

Moreover, Ham's F-12 Medium has gained recognition as the preferred medium for the Clonal Toxicity Assay (CTA). This assay plays a critical role in assessing the cytotoxic effects of substances on cells. By utilizing Ham's F-12 Medium in the CTA, researchers can accurately evaluate the impact of various compounds or treatments on individual cells, providing valuable insights into toxicological profiles.

Quality control

  • pH = 7.2 +/- 0.02 at 20-25°C. 
  • Each lot has been tested for sterility and absence of mycoplasma and bacteria.


  • Keep refrigerated at +2°C to +8°C in the dark. Freezing and warming up to +37° C minimize the quality of the product. 
  • Do not heat the medium to more than 37° C or use uncontrollable sources of heat (e.g., microwave appliances). 
  • If only a part of the medium is to be used, remove this amount from the bottle and warm it up at room temperature.
  • Shelf life for any medium except for the basic medium is 8 weeks from the date of manufacture.


Components mg/L
Inorganic Salts Calcium chloride x 2H2O 44,00
Copper(II) sulfate x 5H2O 0,00
Iron (II) sulfate x 7H2O 0,83
Magnesium chloride x 6H2O 122,00
Potassium chloride 223,65
Sodium chloride 7599,00
di-Sodium hydrogen phosphate
Zinc sulfate x 7H2O 0,86
Other Components D(+)-Glucose anhydrous 1801,60
Hypoxanthine 4,08
Linoleic acid 0,08
DL-α-Lipoic acid 0,21
Phenol red 1,20
Putrescine x 2HCl 0,16
Sodium pyruvate 110,00
Thymidine 0,73
NaHCO3 1176,00
Amino Acids L-Alanine 8,91
L-Arginine x HCl 210,70
L-Asparagine x H2O 15,01
L-Aspartic acid 13,31
L-Cysteine x HCl x H2O 35,12
L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine 217,30
L-Glutamic acid 14,71
Glycine 7,51
L-Histidine x HCl x H2O 20,96
L-Isoleucine 3,94
L-Leucine 13,12
L-Lysine x HCl 36,54
L-Methionine 4,48
L-Phenylalanine 4,96
L-Proline 34,53
L-Serine 10,51
L-Threonine 11,91
L-Tryptophan 2,04
L-Tyrosine 5,44
L-Valine 11,71
Vitamins D(+)-Biotin 0,01
D-Calcium pantothenate 0,24
Choline chloride 13,96
Folic acid 1,32
myo-Inositol 18,02
Nicotinamide 0,04
Pyridoxine x HCl 0,06
Riboflavin 0,04
Thiamine x HCl 0,34
Vitamin B12 1,36

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