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Sample Storage Service

Cytion proudly offers a premier storage service tailored to preserve your valuable laboratory samples, whether sourced from patient tissues, healthy individuals, or well-established collections. Storing frozen cells with Cytion serves as an ideal contingency plan against potential issues such as contamination or genetic alterations during extended passages. It also provides a cost-effective alternative to ongoing cell culture maintenance, ensuring your research materials remain viable and unaltered over time.

Comprehensive Storage Solutions and Additional Services

Examples of samples that can be stored include:

  • Blood, serum, plasma, urine
  • Tissue blocks and histopathological sections
  • Isolated biological molecules like DNA, RNA, and proteins

Cytion offers comprehensive sample characterization and expansion, including:

  • Genetic characterization
  • Infectiological tests
  • Cell expansion, Cell banking, Assay-Ready Cell manufacturing

These services are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, with expert partners providing precise analytical solutions.

Why Choose Our Sample Storage Service?

Cytion offers state-of-the-art storage solutions for a wide range of laboratory samples. Our services ensure that your samples are preserved under optimal conditions, tailored to meet specific research requirements. Key features include:

    ❄️ Storage

    Ranging from ambient to ultra-low temperatures

    🔒 Secure

    Sample storage

    🧊 Automated

    Nitrogen filling

    🥶 Right Temperature

    For your samples

    📦 Anytime Shipment

    Of your samples

    📊 Temperature Monitoring

    Software for real-time monitoring

    Requirements for Storage

    • Biosafety Level: Cells must have a Biosafety level of 2 or below to qualify for storage.

    Additional Services (Available for an Extra Fee)

    • Shipment of Stored Cells: We offer the flexibility to ship your stored samples whenever you need them, ensuring your research continuity is never compromised. Samples are shipped at our standard shipping rates.
    • Specialized Logistics We offer temperature-controlled transport solutions for your samples. Whether your samples need to be transported at -196°C, -80°C, -25°C, or within a specific positive temperature range, we ensure that the cold chain is maintained throughout the journey, safeguarding your samples against temperature fluctuations and potential damage.

    What Temperature Ranges Does Cytion Offer for Storage?

    Cytion provides diverse storage temperatures to suit the specific needs of biological samples, ensuring their integrity and longevity. Explore our storage solutions from room temperature to cryogenic conditions for optimal preservation.

    Room Temperature (17-22 °C)

    Suitable for biological samples preserved with fixatives such as formalin, alcohol, or paraffin. DNA can be extracted, but may be degraded and not suitable for all analyses. Not ideal for RNA due to its instability. This method is cost-effective for tissue samples, stored in a climate-controlled environment. DNA extraction can be performed on request.

    5-8 °C (Refrigerator)

    Best for native, isolated biological materials like antibodies, enzymes, or DNA. Proteins may lose biological activity if not stored at this temperature. While short-term storage is recommended for proteins, isolated DNA can be preserved for longer periods.

    -20 °C (Freezer)

    Suitable for many biological materials, including tissues. DNA and RNA can be stored in proper stabilization solutions. To avoid unnecessary thawing cycles, proper aliquoting is recommended before storage.

    -80 °C (Ultra-Low Freezer)

    Ideal for long-term storage of biological samples. This temperature slows the degradation of biological molecules like DNA and proteins.

    -150 °C (Vapor Phase of Liquid Nitrogen)

    Considered the gold standard for storing biological samples, either in the vapor phase or directly in liquid nitrogen. This temperature prevents material degradation, making it ideal for long-term storage. No stabilization reagents are needed, allowing for the preservation of sensitive biological materials.

    Contact Us to Facilitate Your Sample Storage

    For more information on our custom sample storage service, please contact us. Our team of experts is ready to discuss your needs and provide a solution tailored to your research goals.

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