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Cell Expansion Service

Our custom cell expansion service offers scalable solutions for your research needs. We rapidly produce billions of adherent and suspension cells, with capabilities in primary human, mammalian, insect, and tumor cultures.

Advantages of our Cell Culture Expansion Service

1. Tailored Cell Expansion

Cytion's custom cell expansion services cater to specific research applications, including drug discovery, toxicity screening, and immunotherapy development, ensuring precise support for enhanced research efficiency and effectiveness.

2. Scale-Up Capabilities

Our production facilities can rapidly generate billions of adherent cells or many liters of suspension cells monthly, providing large quantities of cell-derived bioreagents and up to 1,000 vials of cell banks or assay-ready frozen cells for extensive screening campaigns.

3. Expertise

We have extensive experience in primary human, mammalian, insect, and tumor cell cultures, as well as hybridomas, offering storage and management services to ensure seamless continuity and security for your research projects.

Tailored Cell Expansion For Research Needs

Bulk Production and Custom Cell Expansion

We specialize in large-scale cell production, ensuring consistent morphology, function, and characteristics. Our advanced facilities and stringent protocols guarantee high quality and reliability. 

Cytion also offers cell expansion services, whether for scaling up your cell cultures or selecting from our extensive portfolio of authentic and contamination-free cell cultures. 

Quality Control

Ensuring the integrity of our cell cultures is paramount. We can conduct comprehensive quality control tests to verify cell viability, morphology, contamination, authenticity, functionality, and more to ensure that every cell line we produce meets the highest standards of purity and performance.

Comprehensive Post-Expansion Solutions

After expanding the cells, we can create cell banks, produce assay-ready cells, manufacture cell pellets, or perform DNA and RNA extraction. Our suite of post-expansion services is designed to streamline your workflow and provide you with high-quality, ready-to-use biological materials, enabling you to focus on your core research activities.

Post-Expansion Services for Cell Samples

DNA or RNA Extraction: Cytion provides high-purity DNA and RNA extraction services, customizable for sequencing, qPCR, and genomic studies.

Cell Pellet Manufacturing: We manufacture precise cell pellets with counts from millions to billions achieving precision using the Vi-Cell Blu cell counter.

Vial Sizes and Cell Numbers: We offer flexible vial sizes (250 µl to 5 ml) and customizable cell numbers (2 to 50 million cells/ml) to meet diverse research needs. Utilizing advanced equipment such as the Sartorius Fill It system for precise liquid handling and the ThermoFisher Controlled Rate Freezer for optimal cryopreservation, we ensure the highest quality and viability of our cell lines.

Functional Tests: We assess cell viability, growth rates, and can test for responses to stimuli through comprehensive functional tests.

Contamination and Authentication: We ensure pathogen-free and genetically stable cell lines with rigorous contamination checks and authentication techniques like STR profiling.

Cell Differentiation: Cytion specializes in differentiating cell lines into specific cell types with customized protocols and scalable production.

Why Choose Our Cell Expansion Service?

1. Time-Saving

Outsourcing cell expansion to our experts saves valuable time and effort, allowing you to focus on your research.

2. Cost-Effective

Our services eliminate the need for costly equipment, consumables, and staff training associated with in-house expansion.

3. Flexibility and Scalability

We accommodate various cell types and scale requirements, providing flexibility to meet your research demands.

4. Resource Optimization

Our services minimize labor, freeing up resources for your groundbreaking research.

5. Reliability

We ensure maximum reliability and reproducibility through standardized processes and rigorous quality control.

Contact Us to Scale Your Cell Culture Operations

For more information on our Cell Culture Expansion Services, please contact us. Our team of experts is ready to discuss your needs and provide a solution tailored to your research goals.

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